SB640 – EIB, KNX Current limiting device 640mA – special offer

manufacturer-number: SB640 – Current limiter module 640mA The module SB640 serves to limit the current for the power supply of EIB KNX lines (building automation) using KNX compliant power packs that can provide more than 640 mA. This current has to be limited to 640 mA to meet the EIB KNX standards. To achieve this special features and an electronic fuse have been integrated that limit the line current to 640 mA. In addition to that an LED shows the current supply status: LED off: no supply voltage LED permanent green: power supply of EIB KNX line is OK, line current is under 600 mA. LED flashing green: voltage of power pack is OK, EIB KNX line is OK the line current is just below the maximum admissible values, the line is seriously used to capacity. LED flashing red: voltage of power pack is OK, EIB KNX line is overloaded or shorted. photographed by EIB3D.COM – SB640

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