eib0000119 – Magnetic contact MK4W VdS 2,5m without casings

manufacturer-number: eib0000119 – Magnetic contact MK4W VdSMagnetic contact and magnet to be installed in window and door frames to monitor opening. Magnetic contact and magnet are installed facing each other or in parallel in the window frame/door panel and window base/door base. Series connection of magnetic contacts in the reporting line possible. Type of contact: 1-pole closing contact, switching voltage: max. DC 100 V Capacity: max. 10 W Operating voltage: max. 40 V Connecting cable white: 2,5 m LIYY 4 x 0,14 qmm, VdS-No.: G 191 556 Color: white, Delivery volume: magnetic contact, magnet, Option: 2 pcs. casings, white (AGW) Info: In order to analyze the contact information in the EIB the magnetic contact has to Zollbe prepared Zoll for bus use first. This can be done in different ways. For example, if you want to connect the contact locally to the EIB, that means you do not want to put the line directly to a central evaluation center (such as electrical distribution) the best way is a connection using a push button interface (2-fold, 4-fold, 8-fold). For central registration the binary inputs REG (series buit-in device for electrical distribution) are suited best. In general, these are 24 V-AC/DC binary inputs, that means a voltage (24V) is sent to the contact which is then analysed at the binary input (edge analysis). For example: leading edge (window closed) there are 24 V at the binary input —> ZollOFF Zoll bus telegram and decreasing edge (window open) there arent 24 V at the binary input —> ZollON Zoll bus telegram. You can use this information to regulate the heating when the window is open to ensure frost protection or alert and display messages. In general, these contacts are registered room by room that means one binary input contact per room. – eib0000119

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