CP-D 24/1.3 – DC-power supply 90…264V/24V 30W CP-D 24/1.3

EAN: 4016779661171 – manufacturer-number: CP-D24/1.3 – DC-power supply 90…264V/24V 30W Voltage type of supply voltage AC/DC, 1st secondary output voltage 24 … 24V, 2nd secondary output voltage 0V, 3rd secondary output voltage 0V, Max. output current 1 1,3A, Max. output current 2 0A, Max. output current 3 0A, Nominal value output voltage 1 24V, Nominal value output voltage 2 0V, Nominal value output voltage 3 0V, Nominal value output current 1 1,3A, Nominal value output current 2 0A, Nominal value output current 3 0A, Short-circuit-proof, Rated supply voltage at AC 50 Hz 90 … 264V, Rated supply voltage at AC 60 Hz 90 … 264V, Rated supply voltage at DC 120 … 375V, Output voltage stabilized, Power consumption 38,2VA, Power output 30W, Stabilized, Type of electric connection Screw connection, Rail mounting possible, Suitable for DIN installation panels, Width in number of modular spacings 3, Built-in width 53mm, Built-in height 91mm, Width 53mm, Height 91mm, Depth 57,5mm, SIL according to IEC 61508 None, Performance level acc. EN ISO 13849-1 None, Degree of protection (IP) IP20 – CP-D 24/1.3

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